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Multi Room Audio

How would you likedifferent music in different rooms? Or maybe play the same music everywhere? Or perhaps a little bit of both?

Multi Room Audio Systems used to be very expensive and was only a dream for some people but now with the latest technology its very affordable.

Nowadays you dont need long wires everwhere in the house to be able to listen to your favorite music, so you can listen to music in every room.

Imagine at the touch of a button your music plays with all your favorite artists, and great for parties outside.

Alexa play my favorite music” You could have an Alexa in the ceiling so its discreet lots of things you can do especially if your having a Home Automation System Installed.

You can set systems up nowadays wirelessley or cables discretely hidden, ideal if your starting a Home Automation Project.

What can Multi Room Audio Do For You

You can choose whatever you want to listen too, whether its DAB, FM or stream Spotify you can do it all through your App, or if your having a control system installed through your Touchscreen or Phone or your Computer

Multiroom Audio Systems lets you control all your music in different rooms or multiple rooms its so easy.

HOW DOES IT WORK!! All wires and equipment needed is hidden in a central location what we call a Hub, somewhere discreet, All the speaker wires go back to here and these connect to your ceiling speakers, recessed speakers are very discreet and out of the way.

All controlled from an App on your phone or from your Touchscreens, very impressive.


Installation has two phases when we have discussed which system you would like. First fix is where we install all the Audio Cables to speakers in every room and back the the central point Hub.

The second fix is when all the plastering has been done then we can terminate all our cables ready for connecting at the Hub and then testing.

360 o Multi Room Audio Installers


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Initiallly you can visit our Demo house as were not Salesmen, and then we can discuss your requirments and budget and see if we can design you the perfect system.

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Your audio system can be controlled from your phone or touchscreens if your planning on a Home Automation System.

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We are a family run business and we work together with yourselves to give you a fantastic system we aim to please your requirments.

Take Control Of Your Music

Whatever multiroom audio solution you choose music is easily controlled with your Phone, Ipad, Computer or Touchscreen if your having a Home Automation System.

A Playlist for each of your family maybe a party list or Spotify where you can select any music you want, just save as playlists.

Understanding Your System Requirements

Multiroom audio options are almost endless. Whatever you want im sure we can make sure it happens.

  • Rooms for music with TV. Sky, Firestick, Roku, Virgin.
  • Ceiling speakers or free standing we have Demo House with Ceiling Speakers come view.
  • Surround sound
  • Music outside
  • Music in Sauna Room

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Please send your enquiry to our Email address or you can Telephone us we are based WA3 and all our installations come with a 5 year guarantee.


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